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About Us


Its time to be Fabulous,

time to be happy,

come let's celebrate Fappy


We are young, we are restless, and we are impatient. But our funda about our lives is very clear. We may not know what we want, but we sure know what we do not want. And a dull-boring-slow life is what we DO NOT want. A day in our lives isn't happening enough if we haven't had our sudden energy outbursts.

To maintain this state of high, to keep you on your toes, and to keep the fun alive, The Fappy Store has taken charge. The coolyo graphic designs of mobile jackets, the funda behind docking speakers, and the uber-cool headphones... there's so much to love about us. Get your hands on the coolest, quirkiest, trendiest accessories on the block, and know just how easy it is to make the heads turn. After all, if you've got to stand or from the rest, you've got start right now.