India is a country of diverse cultures. With different people coming from varied backgrounds,  comes a set of folklore and superstitions which have been passed down by the ancestors. Knowingly or unknowingly, we all have a few superstitions that we get influenced by.

Every society has a set of superstitions they follow. Even after science has progressed  so much, these beliefs have no scientific logic behind them. But because our elders believe in them since their ancestors had firm beliefs in those superstitions, we are made to follow the same.

Let’s have a look at the common superstitions we all must have experienced or at least heard of through our elders.

1) Peeche Se Mat Bulana: So you’re leaving for some work which is considered to be important or auspicious and someone calls you from behind. There goes your important work because that act of calling someone from behind brings bad luck!

2) Cutting Nails or Shaving : According to this superstition, you are not supposed to shave or cut nails on Thursday, Saturday or post six in the evening since the ill fate would befall the individual.

3) Nazar Utarna: If there is a new born in the family or someone is looking too pretty, a random family member will blurt out, “Kissi ki nazar na lage” and there, the person shall have a “nazar ka tikka” behind the ear or on the forehead. This act wards off all evil or negative energies.

4) Combing Hair in the Evening: If you ever happen to brush your hair in the evening, someone or the other must have asked you to not do the same as the act of brushing hair in the evening invites evil spirits from the other world. Then same goes for leaving your hair open at night.

5) Broken Mirror: This one actually comes from the Romans, who believed that a the person who broke a mirror would be cursed for seven years because according to them, it took seven years for life to renew itself. However in India, broken mirrors are not supposed to be kept at home or looked into because this brings in bad luck.

6) Sneeze: It is impossible for anyone to stop a sneeze and after all how is it one’s fault if you sneezed just before a big event? Well, in India it is a big deal because sneezing afore an important work like a job interview or a marriage, brings in ill fate.

7) Peepal/ Banyan Tree: These trees are believed to be an abode of goblins, witches and other evil spirits. People are suggested to not linger around these trees at night as these spirits might trick or possess you.

8)Shaking your Leg: This movement of the legs is almost involuntary and you tend to do it when you’re thinking or nervous. Then follows a suggestion from someone to stop the movement because it brings bad luck to the family.

9)Dahi -Cheeni mix: Almost everyone has experienced this one because eating a spoon or two of this mix ensures good luck and prosperity to the individual.

10) Black Cat: The most common of all superstitions is this one. The black cat is meant to be an incarnation of evil and if it crosses someone’s path then something bad would happen to that person.  

Even though these superstitions have no logic behind them, but we hardly fail to follow them! If you know of any other superstition which is commonly practiced in your family then post it in the comments section below!