Bollywood is full of whacky music. Some songs make you laugh, some make you croon along…others make you sad or happy and just a set of others make you dance. But then there are a few which are fabulous to listen to, but fail to make any sense. Here, we have a list of songs that we love but just do not understand them:

1   Jab TakRahega Samose Mein Aloo:

: The iconic song from Mr. and Mrs. Khiladi, featuring the bubbly Juhi Chawla and the dynamic Akshay Kumar, sounds like the lyricists were too fixed up on food while penning down this track. The two lovers refer to each other as“idli” and “dosa” at one instance, at other points, the heroine assures the hero that till the time the samosa has aloo, she’ll love him till then.

Well, the aloo is always going to be in the samosa and nothing can beat a samosa with chatni, this song has also become a classic and will stay with us forever!

2   Fevicol Se:

Another super hit song; from Dabangg 2, featuring the sultry Kareena in ethnic wear, dancing to the voice of Mamta Sharma, has extremely hilarious lyrics like “log kehte hai muje main to hu namkeen butter” and “main to tandoori murgi hu yar”.

Probably the first time ever, the heroine offers the hero to stick her picture on his chest with “Fevicol”. There goes another creative advertisement for Fevicol and who better than Sallu Bhai along with Bebo can endorse it?!

3   IshqWala Love:

wait, there’s “ishq”, there’s “love”. There’s “ishq wala love”. What?

What’s the difference? Were they trying to teach us synonyms of affection?well we know there’s the Oxford dictionary to help us with that, you don’t need to create an entire song for that! Jokes apart, why spend so much to teach the audience synonyms for love, going all the way to Poland?

4   Main To Raste Se JaRahaTha, BhelpuriKhaRahaTha:

Dearest Govinda and Karisma Kapoor , you eat “bhel puri or ice cream”, one thing that we fail to decipher is that “ hamein mirchi kyu lagegi”? Weird.

The song is full of examples like “thumka laga rahi thi”, “ladki ghuma raha tha” and “gaadi se jar aha tha” which end on a questions like “tujko Dhaka laga to main kya karu”? we still fail to understand, why?

5   Sunny Sunny :

Yo- Yo Honey Singh at his best for the movie “ Yaariyan”, croons “ aaj blue hai paani paani paani”..well, we’ve learnt that water is colorless. Maybe, Honey Singh was taught that water is blue. However, non -sensical this song might sound, no party is complete without this number.

6   Hookah Bar:

Himesh Reshammiya and his epic ideas of entertaining people.. “tera pyaar pyar pyar, hookah bar”. Didn’t he know that hookah bars have been banned? So, how can somebody’s “pyar” be like a “hookah bar”?

7   Main Tera Boyfriend, Tu Meri Girlfriend:

J Star in his music video, asks a pretty girl if she’s got a boyfriend. Well, there begins the song, more so quite day-dreaming to make her his girlfriend and the lady denying it. Mr. J made a whole song on that with the man’s proposal and the woman’s rejection saying “na na na na”.

That’s all the woman has got to say..nananana.

8   Jalebi Bai:

“Naam..Jalebi Bai”. Really, do we have someone with that name? if that’s someone’s name, we’d want to know “tu kaundesh se aayi?”

9   Babli Badmash Hai:

The sizzling Priyanka Chopra as “Babli”, says “na bann shareef tu.. babli badmash hai”. We just do not understand what the heroine wants here. Why does she want a “shareef” man to become “badmash?”

10   Harry Is Not A Brahmachari:

Jazzy B jazziness all over, topped with Ishq Bector’s quirkiness, results into a “Harry” who is not a “ brahmachari”. The song contradicts itself at various points like “samjho na isko prem pujari, ladki jo dekhi nazar utari” and then affirms that mr. Harry is not a celibate. He’s also referred to as a “naag icchadaari”. What? Wild imagination we must say.

Even though it’s tough to break the code and gauge a meaning out of the songs that we enlisted, these tracks totally make our feet tap and we can’t stop ourselves from grooving on them. If you have encountered a song which makes no sense whatsoever, feel free to share it in the comments section. :D