The Muses have been kind and little drops of joy are finally here with a bang. Yes, we are talking about the refreshing monsoon season that’s finally arrived and brought with it rejuvenating impulses along with fresh fervor. A rainy day isn’t fun if you aren’t doing anything unusual while it rains or even when the rain stops. Here are a couple of things you must do while it rains outside your home. So get ready and throw yourself in the arms of the monsoon season with these activities.

1.      Take A Rain Shower:

There’s nothing more exciting than going out in a downpour and taking a bath with drops of nature. Have fun and get wet with for an exciting experience.

2      Listen to Rain Songs:

A great way to soothe your mind during rains is to listen to songs that have an element of wet and damp feeling in them. Create a separate playlist only for rainy occasions and shuffle the list and let the songs rain in your ears with their melodies and lyrics.

3      Bring out the chef within you:

Time to try out some crispy delicacies with hot drinks. Head to the kitchen, and bring out the chef in you to try out some creative snacks to compliment the rainy day. It’s one of the most memorable things you can do to feel warm and comfortable.

4      Try out your favorite drink:

The best way to enjoy on a rainy day is to take out a pack of your favorite beer or wine and sip it slowly with friends. Taking alcohol is known to soothe mind and relax you in every aspect.

5      Pretend to wash your car:

You can’t get a better day to wash your car than on a rainy day. Simply park the car outside in the open, take a piece of cloth and get down to cleaning your car for an exquisite shine.

6      Do something creative:

Take a piece of paper and do anything creative like writing a poem, a prose piece or even a sketch or painting for that matter. You never know when you might suddenly become Picassco or JK Rowling.

7      Invite near and dear ones for a get-together:

A rainy evening is best spent partying with old friends and colleagues. Call up your friends to your place, organize a few fun filled indoor games, prepare a few quick snacks and cherish the old memories of your halcyon days with them.

8      Take a long sleep:

Sleep lovers, here’s your chance to depict your love for sleeping. When you have no work, feeling lazy to go out and can’t think of anything else. Take a bottle of wine, make the bed warm and comfortable and doze off until the rain spreads its magic outside.

9      Watch sequels and back to back movies:

Watching movies while it rains outside isn’t a bad idea at all. Get hold of a couple of classics like James Bond Collection or Superman series and watch them back to back covering all their sequels to refresh your memories of exciting scenes.

10      Photography Splurge:

Being a photo enthusiast means you can put your DSLR to a great use on a rainy day. Since trees turn real fresh and greenery appears very vibrant. Step out after a shower to shoot nature or antique architecture in all its ambience.