Bollywood has its never ending saga of bold movies, iconic dialogues, groovy dance steps and hilarious yet astonishing reel and real life experiences. Being in the limelight has its own share of perks and gloominess for the critically loved Bollywood actors and actresses. No wonder sometimes they give us reasons to tickle our funny bones, argue, debate and become emotional like a nutcase.

But there is no denying in the truth that a part of Bollywood lives inside us and we are all big crazy movie buffs. For the true fans of Bollywood club, here are the latest and personalized smartphone covers inspired by their reel and real life stories. Let’s have a look at what these funky and trendy mobile covers tell about their stories.

Feminist – Deepika

It’s not been too long when Twitterati, Facebookers and all the social media experts were divided among the “My Choice” video, in which our very own fine Lady Deepika Padukone was featured. The video may have got mixed response from the viewers all across the globe, but this lady deserves a salute for being proud of her womanhood and is an inspiration to all the girls.

Free Spirit - Kangana

She has always sailed against the winds and never believed in going the conventional Bollywood heroine way. She has played roles that have given a new direction to Bollywood and the actor has fared well in all the roles. Her latest film queen has rewarded her with many accolades and also goes well with her free spirited attitude.

Be your own Hero – Salman Khan

He is the Bhai of Bollywood and is an inspiration for many new comers in the industry. From his social work, giving many new faces to the industry, to delivering iconic dialogues and dance moves it will not be wrong to say that he is the true Hero.

Sherlocks London Graphic – Sushant Singh

Well, he made a great debut in the industry with his critically acclaimed film kai Po Che. But, his recent release Detective Byomkesh Bakshy has might have given him a feeling that how it is to be like the great detective Sherlock Holmes.

Be what you want to be – Sonam Kapoor

She is the fashion icon of Bollywood, princess of her dad and a food lover. It would not be wrong to say that her witty and wicked sense of humor has often brought her into limelight for all the wrong reasons. But, still we all love her great style and fashion passion.

Love is Hope – Ranbir Kapoor

Well, he is known as Mumma’s boy and has been in the limelight because of his many love affairs. Though it is unfortunate that all his latest releases have not given him much hope and happiness, so his relationship with his girlfriend is his only hope.

Good at Maths – Alia Bhatt

Well, she has often been in the news for her intelligence and brainstorming skills. Her intelligence became the butt of jokes on social media platforms after the Coffee with Karan episode. However, our strong and young Alia Bhatt took all in her stride with elegance and positivity and kudos to her lively spirit.

Being Normal is boring – Ranveer Singh

He is not the regular Bollywood hero. Be it his looks, movie choices, some wicked dialogues, love – hate relationships and anything he does is always in the limelight for unusual reasons. He lives life king size and not the one who is born to follow rules because he makes his own rules.

Ride or Die – John Abraham

We all know John’s passion for riding bikes. Starting from Dhoom to his personal possession, we can always find the classic and latest bike collection with this Bikeratti.

Why Fit in when you were born to stand – Aamir Khan

Well, this man does not need any introduction. His finesse and excellence in every movie he makes is known worldwide. Media and critics have crowned him with the title of Mr. Perfect. So, do we need to say anything else?

Your mobile cover can express more about your personality and who you are in a wonderful way. “A picture speaks a thousand words”, is a true saying and with these customized mobile covers you can create and tell your own story!