Getting a weekend to relax after a hectic work week is the most amazing feeling. You not only get to rejuvenate your lost energy, but also get to catch up on things which you always wanted to do but couldn’t allocate the time for. Whether you wish to go out for an adventure or spend time with your old friends at a restaurant, there’s nothing more marvelous than having a weekend ahead of you. So here are a couple of activities you can do this weekend to make your weekend more funky and cool.

1.  Sleep to Rest: After a long work week, it’s essential that you take ample of sleep to energize your body for the next week. Sleeping helps to decrease stress levels significantly and therefore one of the most important things to do on a weekend. So take out extra time to sleep and snore away a couple of hours to look charming and power packed for the next week.

2.  Get a Spa/Massage Weekend: There’s nothing better than going to a spa to relax your mind and body on a weekend. You may even simply undergo a massage treatment at home with the help of your partner. Just get away from all the distractions and enjoy a refreshing bubble bath with a cup of tea. You may also read an interesting book to enjoy your weekend after visiting the spa.

3.  Make Love: Hectic work schedule is bound to subside communication between you and your loved one. Make sure you make love to her or him on a weekend to keep that bond of love strong and everlasting.

4.  Consume Freely: Maintaining a healthy body is essential to keep your body going throughout the week. A weekend is a great opportunity to recharge your body cells. So abandon your regular diet on a weekend and deviate to indulge in the foods you love the most. Forget about calories, just eat and drink freely without thinking.

5.  Try out a New Restaurant: Eating out on romantic dates within the same restaurant may get boring after a while. Try new destinations to hang out with your loved one where food is delicious and affordable and a new ambience may add a new dimension to your relationship.

6.  Host a Potluck: A weekend is a perfect time to regroup with old friends and enjoy memorable times. So call up your favorite friends ask them each to cook a special dish which can be shared amongst everybody in the party.

7.  Game Night: Are you not the party types? Well then playing video games along with a few board games with your friends will be great fun on a weekend. Just invite over your favorite friends for catching up a racing game and game on till your fun quotient is over.

8.  Movie Marathon: Lining up a few movie sequels back to back is great fun. Get hold of your favorite classics like Spiderman series or The Matrix series and enjoy their special scenes with all the thrill and popcorn on a fun filled weekend with friends.

9.  Go Dancing: Visiting a nearby dance club on a weekend is a great way to relax from a hectic life schedule. So go out this weekend with your favorite person and get some exercise while dancing for fun.

10.  Go to a bar: Trying out new drinks at a local club can be really fun on weekends. Whether you wish to experiment with a few cocktails, beers, or mixed drinks, bar is the place to be on weekends. So team up with friends and spend some relaxing moments at a bar before the start of another hectic week.

So try out these funky, fun-filled activities this upcoming weekend and enjoy life to the fullest!