The 70s and the 80s of Bollywood was the time when Technicolor movies had just begun to be produced. With that, also came the best set of comedy movies which are the actual rib-ticklers of that time. These movies are the ones you ought not to miss out ever! Read on to find out the all time favorites:

1. Padosan (1968): The legendary Mehmood along with the iconic Kishore Kumar and the alluring Saira Banu supported by a cast of extremely talented actors put together a hilarious show that will set burst out laughing at almost every other scene. The plot unfolds in a sequence of funny events when the simpleton Bhola tries to woo Bindu by crooning to her. Since Bhola is an extremely bad singer, he chooses to let Guru sing while he is simply mouthing words. Bindu gets to know about Bhola’s plan and instead agrees to marry her “Masterji”. Thus follows an amusing competition between masterji and Bhola to ensue Bindu.

2. Gol Maal (1979): This light, smart and downright funny movie is all about confusion. A story about clever people manipulating their ideas in order to deceive others. The moustache, the kurta, the interactions between Ram and Bhavani along with the “shuddh Hindi” use, just makes every moment comic.

3. Do Aur Do Paanch(1980): The Amitabh Bacchan and Shashi Kapoor starrer revolves around the two criminals who plan to kidnap a rich man’s kid. However, they experience a change of heart when they meet the love of their lives Anju and Shalu. What are hilarious are the heroes’ rivalry yet love for each other, the unraveling of the criminals’ plot of abducting the kid by the heroines and the role of the teachers they take up at school to impress the ladies.

4. Bawarchi(1972): The Sharmas’ “Shanti Niwas” is not at all a place of “shanti” so much so that even a servant does not stay there for more than one month. Then comes the hero Raghu a.k.a. Professor Prabhakar dressed as a cook to save the family from breaking up. The movie unfolds with the narration of Big B and is a classic in itself!

5. Seeta Aur Geeta(1972): A pair of identical twins separated at birth..the ultimate Bollywood movie! No, they did not get separated at the famous “Kumbh ka mela” but simply swap places and what action takes place is for you to discover! The humorous character of Manorama who plays the role of the “evil chachi” is the perfect entertainer of all times!

6. Bombay to Goa(1972): Aruna Irani wants to become a heroine and her family is opposed to it. Comic circumstances lead her to get on a train to Goa, the whole journey being sequences of funny events like the famous “ pakoda” scene and Mehmood’s wrestling scene.

7. Namak Halal(1982): “ I can Talk English, I can walk English, I can laugh English because English is a very Funny language. Bhairo becomes Baron and Baron becomes Bhairo because their minds are very narrow”…the iconic dialogue is from this movie. Amitabh Bacchan’s fantastic acting during the “makkhi” scene is another amusing piece to enjoy.

8. Amar Akbar Anthony(1977):Three brothers following different religions, the film is interwoven with very comical scenes like the one in which Big B talks to the mirror and the dialogue “Aisa to aadmi life mein doich time bhaagta hai. Olympic ka race ho, yaa Police ka case ho. Tum kisliye bhaagta hai bhai?” This one is a must-watch!

9. Chupke Chupke: The much loved “jijaji” and Dharmendra’s acting, make this movie one of the most unforgettable ones. The pranks played by Parimal And Sulekha are worth a watch!

10. Chameli Ki Shaadi(1986): This movie’s star being Amrita Singh with her amazing acting skills while raising issues of female domination, is all out when it comes to marrying the love of her life.. Charandas. She fights with her mother who wants him to get married to someone called “ Makhkhan”. Tempting the “ brahmachari” Charan, Chameli’s character leaves you laughing out loudly!

Go watch these classic movies for the hilarious dialogues and the amazing comic timing, coupled with perfect acting skills and make your life lighter and happier! If you know of any movie of the Technicolor times which is equally funny, feel free to share!