Today, take some time out and give a thought about what you wanted to become as a kid and what you have turned out to be….Hopes, dreams, wishes and desireswere the most colorful part of our childhood days. Away from the reality of life;big dreams and aspirations gave us happiness. Though while growing up and with time; we forget all those dreams that once were the aim of our life.

Let’s have a look at 15 most amusing dreams that most of the people wanted to become atleast once in their life.

1.      Singer :

From listening to your dear mom’s lullabies, nursery rhymes to melodious songs; they all have given inspiration to many people for becoming a great singer and most of them have even become one as Bathroom singer.

2.      Actor :

Most of us as kids thought that acting is in our genes. Giving our best shots at every wedding, school functions, college fests; most of us end up acting before our partners.

3.      Traveller :

This is one of the most beautiful dreams that most of usfantasize about. This dreamhas turned out to be partially true for many people as they are the regular travelers of buses and metros for commuting daily to their workplaces.

4.      Entrepreneurs:

Seeing your dad owing a company must have been an inspiration for you to become an entrepreneur.But as you grow up you become the one to carry on family traditions and legacy.

5.      Cricketer:

This is every boy’s dream. In a country like India where cricket is not merely a sport, but a religion as well. However, our playground remains limited till the sports complex in our area.

6.      Scientist:

Famous scientific inventionsmade most of the people curios to know how does it happened. It also influenced our aim to become a scientist, but as we grow up, our search is to findthe truth about life.

7.      Model:

Being beautiful is a dream of everyone regardless of their age. We do become models in the eyes of our loved ones always.

8.      Archaeologist:

History and digging out facts from the past is what interests many of us. However, this aim turns out to be finding old things and treasures from our closet.

9.      Doctor:

Most of us might remember playing the Doctor game with siblings and friends. It was one of the favorite pastimes. However, we do become doctors illegally by telling others what they should eat, drink and old world home treatments for various ailments.

10.      Engineer:

The art of science and construction interests many people. However, most of engineers end up fixing tubelights and bulbs at home.

11.      Politician:

We tend to aim of changing the world as we grow up and become a politician. However, with the rules of time and destiny, we become victims of politics at workplaces and home.

12.      Architect:

Making larger than life buildings give us hope to construct beautiful buildings. But, in the end we become architect of our lives.

13.      Dancer:

Dancing and becoming a star at every occasion gave us the confidence that we can be a great dancer. But, our performance stage remains limited till the big fat Indian weddings.

14.      Photographer:

Clicking pictures have always given fun to many of us that we even decided to become a photographer. But, our audience remains limited to, our social media profile visitors.

15.      Designer:

Being fashionable is one of the best ways to celebrate and embrace your beauty. As we grow up we become our own designers.

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic it takes sweat, determination and hard work to make it true”, is a well said quote. Though these were some amusing dreams that can make us remember all the beautiful memories of childhood, but some people have given their everything to make their dreams come true and one of the living legends of this is our master blaster from the Indian Cricket team Sachin Tendulkar. So, never let go of your dreams!