College is one of the most memorable times in one’s life. Straight out of school, we experience a new life altogether which generally focuses on fun and friends. Studies take a back seat and attending lectures becomes a task. So we half-heartedly drag ourselves to class, struggle to live through it and look forward to the tinkle of the bell so that we are free birds again and indulge in those never-ending gossip sessions.

Amongst all this, comes the time when we take part in fun activities like music, dance, pranks and plays. So here we have a list of some of the most funny college videos which are underrated but have strived to make a mark thanks to social networking sites. Take a look at these rib-tickling performances at college:

Funny Group Dance: These half-pants clad students decide to do an emotionless-lazy dance performance which turns out to be amazingly hilarious. Standing on one spot, they do perfectly choreographed steps on the peppiest numbers in Bollywood. Beginning from “ Aao huzoor tumko sitaron mein le chalein” to “Kissi disco mein jayein” this video will certainly make you groove with them! Watch out for the “ooh ooh” moments here!

Baby Doll Boys (Collected): We all love the Baby Doll in the actual video because (you know why;)) but this version of the song will make you crack up in a minute! A few men on the bed, some under the blanket and two on either side, make for an amusing combination of dance moves and expressions. Look out for some crazy “thumkas” that two guys on the extremes have to offer! 

Aabhija Mere Do Bacchon Ki Maa: This song by Aagman Band starts off on a very romantic note with the singer calling his love back and how he cannot live without her. But in the next few lines, it turns out to be downright comic. The love has actually betrayed him and fled with another guy. The second half of the song is full of double entendres which would definitely make you laugh out loud!

THB Love in December: A short film which revolves around 2 characters- Tina and Rahul. Rahul is madly in love with his high school classmate but is unable to express it. Five years later, they happen to meet at a railway station but Tina fails to recognize him. The story unfolds in a sweet and romantic way. Brilliant acting skills coupled with perfectly timed dialogues make this film a must-watch!

Nitin Gupta( Rivaldo)-Professor in Love: This stand-up comedy act staged at a college talks about the newly recruited  professors who are in love with their juniors. The comedian gives instances of how excited “Bhalla saab” becomes on seeing his crush. Also described is the scene at the canteen and how the professor explains “Photo-electric current” to his crush “Roshni”. The act ends with another hilarious sequence of the ‘Mole concept”.  

Have a great time watching these videos! If you know of any such video which is awesome and deserves to be in the list, then share it with us here in the comments section below!