“Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you’ll do, they’ll still be there.”- Amy Li

The relationship between siblings is one of a kind. They share the wildest of secrets, have the craziest fights and stand for each other during endless lecture sessions.  But then for some, sisters do a set of “sisterly” acts which make the sibling go “urgggghhh!”  

Read on to find out the top most annoying things that sisters do to their siblings:

1) Embarrass You in Front of Your Friends:  Sisters make it a point to show up whenever your friends are around. And then begin the endless discussions of how you mess up your room, how bad your hygiene levels are or why mum screamed at you last night.

2) Know About Your Love Life: Quite funnily, your sister will always know about the one whom you have a crush on, the one you secretly admire or the one whom you’re dating. It’s like she has private detectives who keep a tab on your movements and report them to the headquarters.

3) Blackmail: Since she is the one who knows everything about you, she’s all for blackmailing. Whenever and wherever possible, that look in her eye is always there reminding you that she knows it and could spill the beans when you do not comply with her demands.

4) Blame Game: Your sister can cook up the most extraordinary of stories to make you the villain of all stories. Be it the glass vase being broken or the ring that cannot be found anywhere in the house, your sister will put the blame on you, while she becomes the angel of the house. The worst part being when your parents also take her side. 

5) Decision Making: If you happen to be the unlucky younger sibling, then your sister has a world full of advices to give you. Even if you want them or not, she will give you that advice and you ought to follow it.

6) Argue: This is the skill she masters. She will always be the winner of all verbal battles whatsoever you have to say, she has a last point to make. Period.

7) Who Gets the Remote: With siblings around, one can never watch the TV series you wanted to watch. Your sister switches the channel the moment there’s something interesting. Endless round of fights take place only for the remote.

Even though our siblings irritate us in several ways, they mean the world to us. Tell us how your sister never fails to annoy you in the comments section below!