Music is something that is part of our life. Whatever the situation might be, there’s no better way to express it than through songs. Well then, this take has been taken way too seriously by a few people in the world and the result is a set of bakchod songs.

Ignore them or love them, these songs have strived to survive millions of likes and dislikes, critiques and hatred but still never fail to entertain.  Take a look at these bakchod songs that went viral on the net thanks to their next level bakchodi.


Eye to Eye: Well, there’s a reason to why this one tops our charts. These dud(e)s in the video are one and the same person who probably couldn’t get another super-awesome man to sing this song along with him. The highlight of this video is the lyrics and the fixation of the singer: Eye.                                                                                                         No, not a pair of eyes but “eye” and so “eye to eye”.

The man uses all possible adjectives in his dictionary to describe an eye. We wonder what made him write this song?

IskoolKe Tem Pe Gori Aana Dam Pe: A song describing a letter exchanged between two lovers, the boy is way too “desperate” to give the “tofa” the girl asked for in the letter. So he asks the girl to come to the dam during the “iskool tem”.                                                                                                                                                                                    So this is what kids are up to nowadays at school!

Friday: We all love Fridays but this woman decided to make it the most annoying day of the week! Her robotic whiney voice is another part of the song that we hate to the core. However, this could be helpful to make kids learn the days of the week.                                                                                                                           On a serious note, let’s not torture innocent kids and leave Rebecca Black to sing to her children.

Jab Se Hui Hai Mohabbat: This song from a B-Grade movie is hilarious. The dance moves don’t probably even qualify to be called “dance moves”, it’s that hideous.

Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife: A news report that was auto-tuned and converted into a song makes you laugh out loud! The classic statement given by the victim’s brother became viral as this song became the “Bed Intruder Song” on YouTube.


TunakTunakTun: Daler Mehendi(s) in his classic jazzy avatar combined with some perky dance moves and lyrics! Voila! You have a Tunak Tunak Tun! What on earth do the lyrics even mean?! This song has a massive international following! Don’t believe us? Watch those comments!

Kolaveri Di: This song by Dhanush became extremely popular post its release, thanks to its catchy lyrics. The “only English” song meant for “soup boys” describes their lament of how their “lovu” has ditched them and put them in this rage.

Why this Kolaveri Di, Dhanush? 

These videos are sure to entertain you to the core! Tell us if know of any song that deserves a spot in this most bakchod songs list in the comments section below!