While the censor board and then government have been on a banning spree off lately, Bollywood has managed to deliver some songs which are full of double entendres. These songs have hilarious double meanings which would make you think twice before singing them aloud. Some explicit, others subtly making a statement, take a look at these songs and figure out their hidden meaning.

1)      Ye Maal Gaadi Tu Dhaka Laga: Anil Kapoor and Juhi Chawla in the movie Andaz dance to this amusing song which at first sounds like the heroine is asking the hero to “push” the train for her but then you realize it’s not what you are thinking about! Your imagination hits the sky limit and the driver is asked to speed up or slow down the engine. At other times, the engine gets heated up it requires a push and the heroine is asked if she’s scared of the engine. The song is picturised on a wedding night!

2)       Dreamum Wakepum: This song from Aiyyaa is like the Kama Sutra set to music. One song which teaches you almost everything about sex. Quite funnily, Rani dreams of all this because she is obsessed with the tall, dark and handsome Prithviraj Sukumaran in the movie. Raunchy dreams, no?

3)      Choli Ke Peeche Kya hai:  Well, we all know the answer to that but when we see the gorgeous Madhuri Dixit dancing in this song, we know even better! Lyrics like “soti hun main darwaza khol ke” , “kya kya bacha ke chalun” along with a set of other explicit lines makes this song a classic one!

4)      I am a hunter: The woman asks the hunter to show her the “gun”. When the hunter “reveals” it, she decides to run. She wants to have fun and asks the hunter if she can hold it. Well, we all know what the gun here is but why the woman wants to run away is the question we can’t answer!

5)      Sarkayi  Lo Khatiya: If there’s something more outrageous than the lyrics of this song, it’s the choreography which makes you go “wtf!” It’s like the hero and heroine were trying to have sex with their clothes on!

6)      Bhaag DK Bose: This song from Delhi Belly speaks for itself. The name DK Bose being self explanatory, its smart lyrics make you think over the famous Hindi abuse.

7)      Khada Hai: We would like to ask the lyricists of this song that what exactly they were thinking while penning this one.

Khada hai, khada hai, khada hai




Who on earth wouldn’t laugh at this line which is followed by

                                                                Darr pe tere aashiq khada hai

                                                                Khol khol khol darwaza khol


Watch the videos of these songs and you’ll end up laughing, the double meanings, the perfect choreography and setting make these songs worth listening to! If you know any other song which is full of double entendres then let us know in the comments section below!