Today we have a bunch of movies which we especially lined up for you that were so bad that they were

really good! Read on to discover the surprising (at other times, expected) movies which would make you

be like “wtf”?

1) Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon: Consider a situation where the hero and heroine are bidding each

other farewell and the following dialogue takes place-

Sanjana (Kareena): Kya?

Prem (Hrithik): Sanjana, kya main tumse ek sawaal kar sakta hoon?

Prem (Hrithik): Ladkiyan raat mein itni cute nighties kyun pehenti hain?

Well, this wouldn’t be the first time when you’d come across such dialogues in this movie. The

utter chaos that arises out of the “who’s the real Slim Shady (ugh, Prem)” is the reason why this

movie exists. Sanjana’s mother’s constant efforts to make Sanjana fall out of love with Prem

part 1(Hrithik) because he isn’t rich is plain logic that the daughter fails to understand.

And obviously, why would she? Its “saccha pyar, jo baar baar nahi hota”.

Loads of mellow drama and oodles of overacting by everyone especially the over-enthusiastic

leads makes this one a must- watch.

2) Kya Kehna! : Preity and Saif portraying their clichéd “bubbly girl” and “rich guy” roles

respectively, bring up the much censured topic of pregnancy before marriage. What leads to this

pregnancy is the most innovative way to make love- behind a tree, on the hill. And how do you

get to know that they are having sex?

Oh, just a pair of arms intertwined together and a line of clothes splattered on the grass; tells

you a lot in Indian cinema. The movie ends with a dramatic and moving speech by Priya(Preity)

enlightening people on pregnancy and everyone applauding.

Well, kya hi kehna about this!

3) Neal ‘n’Nikki: When two “brilliant” actors team up along with the daddy of sheen and glitter-

Yash Chopra, the result is a “Neal ‘n’ Nikki”. The perpetually drunk bra-clad Nikki dances around

Vancouver singing “I wanna show my body” like we can’t see her desperate attempts to prove

her supposed hotness quotient. The super-awesome Uday Chopra is also desperate to get laid

before his marriage. So in a bid to desperateness, two desperate individuals meet and discover

that they can take care of each other’s desperateness and hence, fall in love.

4) Hum Saath Saath Hain: Clusters of families together make up for one big joint family in this

movie. The movie is full of marriage sequences, ceremonies to welcome new “bahus” and

lectures in the form of songs about what the “bahu” of the house is supposed to do. The

highlight of the movie is the epic song “A-Z, I Love You”. Not to forget the “gyaan” delivered by

our doting “sanskari pitaji” Alok Nath at random events in the movie.

5) Tum Mere Ho: A never seen before avatar of Aamir Khan and Juhi Chawla are the focal points in

the movie. Khan plays the role of a snake charmer/black magician/woman charmer quite

“impressively”. A hilarious annual Naag Panchmi abduction festival takes place wherein a man is

legitimate to marry the woman whom he has “won” after her contesting against it using all force

possible. Special attention should be paid to the wonderful black magic scenes, pick-up lines like

“Kategi Kya?” amongst a classic list of one -liners you should not use on any woman. EVER!

6) Aap Ka Suroor: This one being the superstar, singer, composer and actor HR’s movie, you don’t

quite need an introduction to it because it’s Himesh Reshammiya, bro. Top this with a little bit

of Hansika Motwani, the kid who bought into HR’s promises of a good career and a wee bit of

“Surooooooooooooor”. Voila! You have “Aap Ka Suroor!” The icing on the cake is the song

“ I love you O Sayonni, Koi Shaq? Wassup!?”


7) Gunda: Mithun Chakraborty along with a set of “amazing” actors makes this movie a must-

watch. Everyone introduces themselves in a rhyming fashion before they deliver a dialogue.

“Bulla” the villain after slaying a woman, talks to her dead body-

“Tu toh marr gyi, lambu ne tuje lamba kar dia, maachis ki teeli ko khamba kar dia!”

Now you’d understand why we said it’s a must watch!

Did this list remind you of any other movie which is so bad that it’s a sin to miss it? Then feel free to tell

us about it in the comments section below!