If there’s someone who holds a special place in our life, it’s a friend. 

Friend:  one word which preps up a lot of different ideas in our mind. We hang out with our friends, play pranks on them and fool around at times. We take their case and even embarrass them but they are always there for us. Friends are like pillars of strength which stand by us during testing times. They are the ones whom we can count upon even when we if growl at them, act like maniacs or let out PMS symptoms in full swing-they’ll be standing there, waiting for you to complete your rant and relax.

Amidst all the craziness that we share, comes another momentous day-The Friendship Day. The day is special and it’s officially made to celebrate the bond of friendship! So make this day even more special by gifting your friends something out of the box from The Fappy Store!

1) Phone Case: The thing that keeps you connected and your friend when you aren’t together- the phone! Make your friend’s phone even more attractive with our exclusive collection of phone covers, made for every personality. Choose from an attractive collection of abstract art, cartoon characters, soccer players and whacky quotes!

2) Pen Drive: So your friend is one of those who exchanges uncountable movies, television series and photographs. If s/he is the kind of person who loves cartoons, go for the Tom and Jerry pen drive, the forever “bhand” friend can be gifted a Heineken pen drive while the “player” can have a condom pen drive!

3) Framed Poster: Is s/he the one who loves his pad and spends maximum time in his room? Make your friend’s room even better with a framed poster! Is s/he a soccer maniac? Or is he the Sheldon Cooper fan or does his love for Batman is above everything else? Fappy offers you a superb collection of framed posters which define your personality the most!

4) Cushion Cover: The friend declares his bed to be his first love. What better gift to give him/her than a cushion cover that defines him the best! If s/he binges on music, then gift him the “Drop Bass Not Bombs” or the Rihanna cover or the “God Bless EDM” one. You could also choose from the cover with catchy phrases and cartoon characters!

5) Coffee Mugs: Conversations become even more cheerful with a cup of coffee. Make your coffee even more exciting with the stylish collection of coffee mugs! Gift your nerdy mate the “Certified Book Addict” mug, the grungy look friend the “Shaving is For Girls” mug and the one friend who epitomizes “coolness”, the “Hell Yeah”, “Dope” or “Stoner 1” mug.

6) Aux Wire/ Car Charger: Make your friend’s car more rad with colorful aux wires and let the music sessions become endless! With that sort of music fancies, never let the battery get drained with Fappy’s  “floral”, “cactus”, “football” and “Dual Peace” car chargers!

7) Power banks: With the need to stay in touch always, comes the urgency of a phone with an efficient  battery backup. If your friend is the smartphone binger, then gift him/her cool power banks! Choose from an attractive range of power banks like the “Monster University”, “ Iron Man”, “ Captain America” and “Starbucks”!

Shop these super-awesome gifts from The Fappy Store and show your love in a unique way this Friendship Day ! Don’t forget to tell us what you have bought for your friend from The Fappy Store and don’t forget to tag it!