The days at school and college are undoubtedly the best in one’s life. College life is synonymous to fun, friends, missing lectures, mass bunks and last minute revisions. Amidst all the fun and frolic were the times when one had to sit through lectures however boring they might seem.

Day-dreaming or pretending to concentrate, we had several ways to pass every single minute of that one hour of “lecture”. Quite often, we missed out on the ideas our professors tried teaching us with each passing day. Some of us learnt these and made them a part of our lives for the better whereas others are still trying to do the same.

Let’s take a look at a few things our teachers tried to teach us throughout our school-life.

1)      Discipline: How often were we reminded to polish our shoes, be regular and punctual, cut our nails, tie our hair properly but still we failed to do all this! Even after incessant reminders and long punishment sessions, we kept on repeating the same mistakes over and over again because long nails were a fad plaited hair were so not hep.


2)      Praying: Well, this is something that comes from one’s heart but then at school assemblies had a different meaning. It was all about catching up with the pals while other kids were genuinely praying with their eyes closed. Taking naps while standing in lines was another secret talent that we all possessed.


3)      Silence: Silence is golden is an adage we all were well aware of. Think about library and the wonderful scenario comes to your mind. With so many books around, we’d choose the ones with the maximum images so as to escape from reading and show them to our friends. Then came the librarian who delivered a nice rant which was followed by another set of giggles.



4)       Exercise: Other than the ones who were genuinely interested in sports, for the rest of us the games period meant unless gossip sessions. Those who were lazier had perpetual health problems like stomach pain, head ache and fever. This lot stayed back in the classroom.


5)      Honesty: All of us were expected to speak the truth even if we might get a scolding from the teacher. But then who actually abided by this when we were the real culprits behind the ruckus?


6)      Handling Peer Pressure: Our professors reminded us again and again that giving in to peer pressure is a bad thing. Through this, we get into vicious addictions of drugs, nicotine and alcohol.


7)       Responsibility: The idea of being responsible for your own acts was a big thing. Electing leaders and prefects helped in inculcating values of responsibility and leadership. These principles help in the growth of the intellect and personality.

All these ethics had something or the other to teach us and helped in shaping our minds and future.

“Education is the key to success and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students.”

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