We all know the traits of boys; adventurous; courageous and always hunting to discover something new and exciting. Well, that’s that! When boys eventually grow up, sometimes they are faced with major life decisions that involve relocating to a different state for reasons like education, career or even marriage. Moms who spend their entire lives nurturing their sons are left in a somber mood for various reasons. Let’s discover what moms conventionally say to their sons when they are about to live in a new alien world away from home sweet home:

1.   Dahi Shakkar Kha Kar Jana: Well, moms have always lived with a superstitious belief that if something new is to begin, then one mustn’t forget to eat something sweet to mark its beginning since its considered auspicious. Keeping the same in mind they always request their sons to eat sweetened curd before beginning a new project or venture at a new place.

2.   Raat Ko Bahar Mat Ghoomna: Since moms are really over-protective in nature, they always request their child to not roam on lonely streets once they shift to the new place. They fear that they might get robbed or somebody might hurt them even though no matter how healthy they may be.

3.   Mandir Jana/Dhoop Agarbatti Jalana at Ghar: Most moms are of the view that once their son departs from the religious environment of home, he would turn into an atheist and totally forget about the existence of God. To promote that God’s role in one’s life is important, they always convey to their son to constantly visit temples and other religious institutions when he sets foot in the new surroundings.

4.    Khana Time par Kha Lena: This is a common one and even heard when moms leave to visit cousins or a family get together at an outstation location for a few days. No matter how healthy their sons may be, they constantly vocalize their concern to their sons to eat at appropriate times to maintain a healthy body.

5.   First-Aid Kit Ghar par Rakhna: Health concern is every mom’s anxiety and yes moms have every reason to exhibit it since they nurture their sons with love and affection and take care of them when they are sick. In a new environment, they know that nobody would be around them to take care of them and therefore suggest their sons to keep a first aid box ready at all times.

6.   Time Par Naha Lena: Maintaining hygiene is a major concern for moms, because moms always want their sons to look ravishing and gallant. Since boys like to live a life filled with adventure and danger, they lose sense of time, causing an adverse effect on their well being and hygiene. That’s why moms emphasize them to take bath regularly to maintain their health once they shift to the new environment.

7.   Uss Mausi Se Mil Lena: Sometimes sons move to states where family’s near kins may be located. In such a case, moms always suggest their sons to spend at a few days at their relatives place to refresh their minds and body incase they get stressed out in a new environment. They believe that since it would be a new place, nobody will be willing to help/support their sons in case of emergencies and henceforth their trust in relatives.

8.   Yeh Sweater Bhi Le Jao: Sometimes sons relocate to areas where winters are more intense and hence offered apparels by moms that would help keep them warm and cozy in the harsh weather. Moms usually utter these words in a melancholic mood when sons are packing up stuff to leave for the new destination.

Even though the boys are mature enough by the time they are willing to move out of their homes, yet their moms believe that their son is still a child and unaware of their lives and the world around them. It’s their maternal love and concern for their children that impels them to articulate such statements before their sons depart for a new unknown place.