Freedom for India is a much-prized possession since it was won after a lot of trials and tribulations. With India celebrating its 69th Independence Day this year, it becomes a felicitous occasion to talk about this hard-earned freedom.

The constitution of India guarantees freedom in various forms to its citizens- freedom of speech and expression, to reside in any part of the country, to form associations and unions, to carry out any occupation and assemble peacefully.  Freedom makes life much easier and is a necessity for any individual in today’s world.

We talk of freedom at personal levels too, be it a relationship or in a family among a child and his parents. But very often we have noticed that this freedom which is guaranteed by the constitution to the citizens of India is misused and taken for granted.  Take a look at the ways how you could stop abusing these basic rights and become a better citizen.

1) Stop Bribing: If there’s one way everyone knows how to get their work done quickly is by presenting a few green bills and voila, your work shall be done in no time! This is in every way a wrong act and must not be carried out because if you are doing so, you are only perpetuating this further.

2) Don’t Jump That Red Light: Traffic rules are meant for your safety. They are to be obeyed at every cost. Jumping a signal may give you an edge over the rest, but may also cost your life. There’s no adventure which in something that takes your life, isn’t it?

3) Curb Those Cuss Words: Well, this one is something that we all have experienced at some point of time or the other. It’s a common thing to hear “Tu jaanta nahi mera baap kaun hai!” or a few other words which sound like *beep, beep, beep*.  Freedom of speech does not give you the right to say just about anything and everything. Respect others in order to get respect!

4) Don’t Smoke in Public Places: If you wish to smoke, do not do so in a public place. Others have a right to breathe healthy and clean air, not the carbon monoxide which comes out of cigarette smoke. This gas is extremely harmful for the other person as it reduces the amount of oxygen taken up by a person’s blood cells. It is a fact that second hand smoke is more harmful than direct smoking!

5) Cut the Crime: Freedom does not mean that you have the right to steal, murder or threaten people on gun/knife-points. Everyone else has equal rights to live just as you!

6) Respect Women: Marrying a woman does not make you own her body. One should respect the idea that even she is an individual with a set of rights. Domestic violence, abusing and raping women is something to  be looked down upon, not something to be proud of. Being a male has no connection to being “macho” try being chivalrous instead.

7) Conserve the Environment: As a good citizen of any country, it is important for one to conserve the flora and fauna. They are a rich part of the country’s heritage. Reckless deforestation and animal trafficking is a strict no –no. Show love and care to animals and trees. Go green and help innocent animals in need!

8) Respect the other’s Faith: India being a diverse country has a set of people from different religions which live together. Before partition we all lived together peacefully. Why look down upon someone else’s religion now then that too in modern times?!

9) Say No to Moral Policing: You are no one judge a guy or a girl on the basis of what they wear or how they dress up. Women in skimpy clothes are not inviting male counterparts to rape them or feel them up. Similarly, a man who wishes to dress down doesn’t become a vagabond either.

10) Educate the Unprivileged: Those who receive education should consider themselves lucky enough because there is a majority of people in India even today who do not have the resources to study and make their lives better. You can impart education to such people so that at least they have a basic standard of literacy. After all, knowledge is power!

This Independence Day, let’s vouch to make India a better place to live in as we learn to respect freedom in every way and refrain from misusing it! If you are aware of any other way how to stop misusing this freedom, feel free to share your view sin then comments section below!