Be it the age old desi Raj Comics or the internationally acclaimed Marvel Comics-superheroes have dominated every action lover’s TV screen and comic book themes. Quite undoubtedly, superheroes of both the Western and the Indian screens have millions of crazy fans.

But then the question is, which of them is better?  Can we really have a competition of sorts among the two? Read on to find out more!

Nagraj versus Spiderman: Nagraj, the Raj Comics superhero has the deadliest of venom flowing through his veins and millions of snakes live within his body, ready to come out whenever commanded. Spiderman with his precognitive spider-sense utilizes his web-shooters to shoot strong spider-web strings from his wrists. Both with amazing superpowers can unleash a battle ever so powerful that it’s difficult to decide who will win!

Sabu versus The Hulk: Sabu, the 15ft tall man from Jupiter possesses the ability to increase his size at times to defeat the enemy. His quick reflexes are also an added advantage for Chacha Chaudhary. It is said that whenever Sabu gets angry, a volcano erupts at Jupiter. On the other hand, we have the gargantuan sized The Hulk with limitless physical strength which is directly linked to his emotional state, particularly his anger. “The madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets.” So during Sabu’s and The Hulk’s face-off, whom do you think will win? We guess, it’s going to be a tie!

Chacha Chaudhary versus Professor Charles Xavier: Chacha Chaudhary, the frail yet extremely intelligent old man is different because he is not a muscleman, nor does have any extraordinary powers or modern gadgets. His brain is “sharper than a needle and faster than a computer”. Professor X , the mutant was born with superhuman abilities to control and read the minds of other individuals through telepathy. A paraplegic, generally confined to his wheelchair, Xavier is something of a scientific genius. Even though Professor X might be good at telepathy, we believe that he cannot outwit the sharp brain of Chacha Chaudhary!

Captain Vyom versus Captain America: Captain Vyom’s flawless reflexes combined with his amazing Yogic concentration skills make him the perfect contender against Captain America! The latter has the ability to replenish his strength, agility, reflexes and durability. What can the possible outcome be in a combat as mighty as this?! We leave it unto you to decide.

Shaktimaan versus Superman: Shaktimaan, the human mutant is an expert, skilled and intelligent fighter. Unlimited speed, strength, durability as well as psychic powers like telepathy and teleportation are the skills he possesses. He can even separate his body into five different bodies of fire, water, earth, sky and wind. On the other hand we have Superman, described as "Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound...It's Superman!” His super-speed, super-strength and vision powers are used to perform extraordinary feats and topple down his foes. In a clash against each other, whom do you think would win because it’s just too difficult for us to decide!


If your love for these superheroes surpasses all, then let us know in the comments section below!