Do you know who we made The Fappy Store for? How old are you? About 16? Or 24-ish? Are you happy-go-lucky? Do you believe that there is never a ‘right’ moment to have all the fun you want, but only ‘right now’. Well then, we made The Fappy Store for you. Yes, for you.

Being young, headstrong, and go-getters, it becomes a must that we carry our attitude with us all day. And what could be cooler than a trendy pen drive or a stylish luggage tag that we put on our bags! You can now get your hands on some of the coolest merchandise, and let the world know of what you believe in. Choose your favorite from over 300 super-cool products─ docking speakers, iPhone covers, power banks, paper clips, headphones, pen drives, and many more…

Apart from being a Fappy (Fabulously Happy) person, if you are a movie buff too, we hope you have watched Despicable 2. Who doesn’t know the cute little minions that look absolutely adorable! Dave, Stuart, Phil, Lance and Carl have become the favorites of millions and stolen many hearts. At Fappy, we draw inspiration from the same.

So here we are, presenting before you this superb collection of pen drives, luggage tags, iPhone covers and power banks that are shaped like the endearing minions. When working on the ultimate look and feel of the products, we paid special attention that they all carry the hit minions, the ones that everybody knows about, and everybody loves.

The next time your friends come over, impress them with the uber-cool Minion merchandise that Fappy has brought only for you. Exchange your movies and video games (oh well, assignments and projects too) in a Pen Drive that’s shaped like a minion, or charge your mobile with a power bank shaped just the same way. Flaunt them on your mobile cover. Or just tag on the bag you like the most. You will make the heads turn. Nobody else has such cool accessories yet!

And that’s not all. Apart from the minions, you can choose from a wide range of mobile covers that sport bang-on quotes that suit the youth of today. Check it out. Who knows, one of them could be your favorite too!