Pen drives are an essential part of this tech-based world.  We use pen drives to share, store and access data. So what sets you apart from the crowd? We, at The Fappy Store understand your love for uniqueness and provide you with a range of amazingly different pen drives. Our take on the everyday life is to live every single day in a fun and fabulous way. These pen drives would ensure to be the perfect representation of what you love!

1) The Gangnam Pen Drive: Do you love Psy’s dance moves in the video or do you simply love the beats of this Korean track? If yes, then the Gangnam style pen drive is just for you! Oppa Gangnam style!

2) The Tom/ Jerry Pen Drive: If you’re still in love with the cute mouse and cat pair, this pen drive is just made for you! Who can’t forget the adorable fights and the endless rounds of chasing each other?

3) The Pistol Pen Drive: For all the action lovers out there, this one’s especially for you! Store your data in this classy yet funky pistol pen drive and unleash the gangster in you!

4) The Mango Man Pen Drive: Who does not like Mangos?  But if you’re a real “aam-lover” then let the world know of your romance with this cute pen-drive!

5) The Heinken Pen Drive: If the liquor bottle and you are inseparables then we’ve got a pen drive which shows your love for each other! Whether it’s the “Main Sharabi” party mode or the “Aashiqui 2” mode, this one will never break your heart!

6) The Purple Slipper Pen Drive: Do you Love beaches or is your cool quotient just too relaxed? This pen drive is the perfect way to describe your style!

7) The DSLR Camera Pen Drive: Is every moment worth capturing for you?  Do you look at things from various angles and frames? This pen drive exhibits the photographer in you!

8) The David Villa/ Rooney Pen Drive:  Hard core soccer fan? Does soccer rule your life? Don’t miss out the opportunity to stand for your favorite player with these pen drives!

9) The Guitar Pen Drive: If you go by the “Music is Life” quote and you can’t stop humming tunes even while writing an exam, then profess your love for music with this guitar pen drive!

10) The Spongebob Pen Drive: “Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Spongebob Squarepants!” this cheesy yet fun-loving Sponge is the epitome of happiness! If you are always the happy-go-lucky types, then this one is only for you!

So let The Fappy Store help you live a more stylish and fabulous life! Buy exclusive eye-catching pen drives from our online store and live the Fappy way!:D