Carefree, Fearless, Fabulous, and Happy… That’s what makes you Fappy. Yes, you’ve got it right. Being cool isn’t an easy job, there’s an image to maintain, a social pressure to be the coolest in our peer-group, and that has to look effortless too. We are smart of minds, restless of souls, and whacky in heads. And well, everything about us has to speak of who we are. At The Fappy Store, we thought we could use the mobile cover to do that… to speak your mind.

We are now following a culture where mobile phones are becoming our gateway to the rest of the world. To an onlooker, we may be busy on phone and thus, cutting down on our social interaction. But we know we are socializing more efficiently with our mobile phones than we otherwise could. So while we are busy with our digitized worlds, how about sharing our hearts with the real time world too? Well, dress your phone in a way that befits your personality, and that should be enough.

At Fappy Store, we have drawn inspiration from you only. We are young too, so we know how we all talk, what we believe in, what keeps us running all day. And we thought, why not put that up as a mobile jacket, bro! We bring to you an extensive collection of trendy mobile covers. If you use a Samsung Note 3, Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4, iPhone 4, 5 or 5S, we’ve got too many mobile jackets to match your taste. Bold graphics, witty remarks, inspirational messages, ethic art-strokes… there’s a design for your personality and character.

Here, let’s take a look at our Speak-Your-Mind mobile jackets. Each one features a message unique to its own, and there’s a design to go along too. From inspirations like “Keep your dreams alive” and “Be always blooming”, to the casual “Keep calm and Carry On”, the fun-loving “Sea, Sun and Surf” to the downright slapstick “Can you see the ‘Fuck You’ in my smile?”, there’s something for everybody, and every mood.

So what are you waiting for? Rush up and get your hands on some of the coolest covers for your mobile, and be Fabulously Happy… Fappy!