One childhood habit that many of us find hard to part with is our love for superheroes. The best part about them is that you are never too old to fall in love with them. Nobody judges you for that.

Most of them are masked vigilantes, but how they became one is a story that varies. Some, like Batman and Green Arrow, wanted to fight against injustice. Some, like Iron Man Hulk and Spiderman, became one by accident. And some, like Superman, were born with (or given) their superpower. Another thing, every superhero has a nemesisㅡ a supervillain who keeps the superhero busy, and us on our toes.

Remember the good old days, when the first exciting thought when exiting the school was sitting in front of the TV watching Batman, Justice League, Superman, Spiderman, Ninja Turtles and the X-Men. Now, we may be out of our kiddie pajamas, but that kid lives inside. The best thing, he is still crazy for superheroes. That’s why, filmmakers are making movies like The Avengers, Man Of Steel, The Amazing Spiderman and others, to cater to the viewers who are adult by age, but kid at heart.

When it comes to superheroes, there are two major camps they belong to‒ Marvel Comics and DC Comics. However, for a superhero fan like us, these are simply publishing houses that gave birth to these superheroes. We have our favourites from both the camps. And we may not watch them together on the screen, but can sure keep them together in our room, or stick them together on the wall as posters. Can’t we?

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