Hola folks!

Some love the idea. Others hate it. A few deny the fact openly, but quite secretly crave for it. Then there is the lot which remains neutral. For all of you, who fit in any of these categories, call it good news or bad news, its official.

The much dreaded idea is now a day to be celebrated: The FWB day.

Everybody talks of freedom at various levels-to speak, to protest, to express et al but what about freedom in relationships? Not all of us enjoy the “coochie-coo”, the lovey-dovey affairs, the “awwws” and the “baby”…the various other synonyms to address a lover and the simultaneous expressions that arise out of “looouve”.

Let’s face it; a few of us are only looking forward to fun. You know, Fun. The fun with a capital ‘F’.

So what is the big deal in being in something called “Friends with benefits” affair? Well, not much that one can state provided you lay down the rules of the game right before the first round. You meet someone online and you are just looking forward to a casual relationship, be clear about your motives at the outset. Say that you are just looking out for a hot night or nights and you wouldn’t wish to indulge in the sentimental drama. If the opposite sex accepts it, you’re good to go. However, dating someone for plain sex is so un-cool. You fool that person with feelings you don’t really have and then once the deed is done, you do not even take his/her phone calls.

Why put yourself through this when you have the option to be straight-forward and still enjoy the perks of being in a relationship? The Friends with Benefits relationship is one where you have a partner solely for the purpose of sex or “making out”. You are not on the look -out for emotional support or someone with whom you can share your romantic feelings. To be precise, you just need a sex partner sans the sentimental part. So, never make your FWB hang out with your friends and family. Going out for dates or a drive with the rest of the buddies might just turn ugly when your friend says “Oh! He’s so cute” or “OMG! She’s so hot, you should totally date her”. No, you wouldn’t want the world to know that you’re secretly doing a lot of other stuff. It’s simply awkward.

The best part about this casual affair is that you don’t have to wake up next to that person and watch him say “Awww baby, you look so gorgeous in the morning” or cuddle and sleep with him. Such expectations are an absolute no-no in this type of an affair. You have the full freedom to kick him out of the bed or simply snug into your pad after you’re done. Limit conversations to solely what you want from him and how you like doing it. Indulging in talks about family or issues at work is not a good idea since this way you are making that person a big part of your personal life.

The private remains a secret between the two of you. It starts in bed and ends in bed. It is what you call “no strings attached”. There is no degree of personal affiliation other than the action you expect in bed. The partner you can call on for when you are in a mood to have sex...when you end up making out at odd spots and still keep waiting for more, without the feelings attached to it. You want pure passion and intensity.

This means there wouldn’t be any phone calls, text messages pinging you “goodnight honey” or “love you baby” or the classic “missing you love”. You wouldn’t compare your lover to the moon and the flowers and promise her the date at the restaurant or apologize when you forget her/his birthday.

It’s simple, its straight, it’s all about fun...what Charlie Harper is all about in “Two & a Half Men” or what Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher are up to in the movie “ No Strings Attached”. Today’s generation has really taken a huge leap in terms of how they understand and perceive relationships. Here, we choose our sex partner and “move on” with lightning speed. However, one should always consider practicing safe sex. This should be the golden rule while you’re in this game.

Play sport and have some fun!