Diwali, the festival of lights is around the corner! One of the biggest festivals in India, we are sure that even you are looking forward to it. The festival is all about colours, lights, sweets and fun. Since we all have celebrated Diwali in the same way over the years, it’s become boring and overdone. Moreover, it’s extremely harmful for the environment!

So here we have a list of new cool ways how you can celebrate Diwali! Read on to find out how you can celebrate this auspicious festival in several new ways, without even dampening the spirit!


Diwali Gifts: Don’t we all gift things like crockery and sweets to our dear ones on Diwali? To the extent that they get stocked for months together! Instead, gift potted plants to your friends and family. Not only are you going by the tradition of gifting, but you are also promoting a green and healthy environment.DiwaliGifts1


Spread a Smile: Diwali is all about the cheer and joy. Why limit it to yourself then? Instead of buying new clothes for yourself, gift clothes to an underprivileged person. Many people give away fire crackers to poor kids; remember that these aren’t helpful to them at all! Instead, give them food and sweets to eat. Celebrate this day with kids at an orphan age or elderly people at an old age centre!


Crackers? No Way! : If you thought that crackers are the only way how you can celebrate Diwali, think again! Why blow up your money in such a useless way when you can party hard and get the real feel of Diwali!


Meet Up Your Pals: On this special day, meet your friends whom you haven’t met for a long time. Revive old memories and make Diwali memorable for everyone!


Help an Animal in Need: The noise of crackers disturbs and scares our furry friends. Why put them through this torture? If you spot an animal in need, don’t think twice and help him out! You can also go to an NGO or Animal Welfare Organization and donate newspapers, bread, rice, milk and antiseptics like Dettol or Savlon. Feed bread/rice with milk to street dogs in your vicinity and make Diwali a happy affair for them too!


Entertain Yourself: Well there is nothing that can beat the awesomeness of a Bollywood movie. And when it is Prem who’s coming back via the Sooraj Barjatiya brigade, it becomes a must-watch! Go catch Salman Khan starrer ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’ on Diwali! :D


Spread the message to your friends and family so that you can celebrate Diwali in a cool way!