Back then in the 90s, we all had fads to follow like Rahul’s green and blue tee from “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” or the chain that he wore, which was uber “cool”. The world, when technology did not upgrade every now and then; where coolers and fans along with Roohafza and nimbu-paani began our summer vacations-we are talking about the time of the 90s .Let’s take a look at how the changing times has changed the generation and its habits.

1.   Cartoons:

In the 90s, we had Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Pogo playing cartoons which were really simple like Johnny Bravo, Dexter’s Laboratory, The Addams Family, The Looney Toons Show, The Mask, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Tom and Jerry and The Flinstones. Now we have a full hoard of Japanese cartoons kids like to watch, like Shinchan, Ninja Hattori and Pokemon. These are always dubbed in Hindi or English and the real meaning is just not clear.

2.   Gadgets :

Back then, we had our old basic radio sets and the walkman for listening to music. Pagers helped people to text message other people with pagers. Game boys, video games to entertain ourselves. Nowadays kids have Kindles to read books and Ipads along with laptops and phones to play games on.

3.   Music:

The 90s saw a flood of pop albums and singers like Alisha Chinai, Baba Sehgal, Falguni Pathak, Ila Arun, Daler Mehndi flourished. English music was full of songs from Spice Girls, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Vengaboys, Aqua and Jennifer Lopez. Now we have Yo Yo Honey Singh, Arijit Singh, Sunidhi Chauhan, Mohit Chauhan, RDB, Mamta Sharma in Bollywood. Music now pertains to more of a mixture of Hindi and English. English music is all about Greenday, Enrique, Maroon 5, Tom Odell, One Republic and the iconic Lady Gaga. Themes like coming out of the closet, sex and nudity are being talked about more openly via music.

4.   Games:

Kids of the 90s played fuss-free indoor and outdoor games like Ludo, Trump Cards, name-place-animal-thing, hide and seek and hopscotch. Now, kids prefer playing indoors and that too more of the digital stuff. They’re into Candy Crush, Temple Run, Sudoku, Angry Birds and Grand Theft Vice city.

5.    How We Passed Our Message:

Remember writing messages on paper, passing them around between lectures and giggling after reading them? In the 90s, kids were caught with paper messages by teachers. Now, they’re caught with mobile phones and tablets, texting, tweeting or updating their social networking profile.

6.    Posing for Pictures:

Back then, we all were in the “say cheeeese” mode. We had to wait for our pictures to get developed by the photo studio guy. All we got to do now say “let’s take a selfie” and make a duck face and take a 100 different angles of the same duck face with the snapshot function. Nobody needs a print copy of that, you blink for a second and there you have already uploaded them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

7.    How We Chill Out:

90s meant ice cream treats at India Gate, movie theatres without recliner seats and Sunny Deol’s torture. Coffee meant Indian Coffee House and other boring hangouts. Kids nowadays chill out at cafes, clubs, Baskin Robbins and Barista. For movies we have home theatre systems with surround sound and recliner seats at the theatre with blankets and in house food ordering.

8.    Water Bottles:

In the 90s, kids carried huge water bottles around our necks everyday to school. Nowadays, we have elegant flasks and stylish tiffin boxes with latest cartoons printed on them

9.    Eating Habits:

Back then, kids were all about Poppins, Chatmola, Maggi noodles as treats. Now this has become passé. Kids of the new generation prefer eating burgers with fries, mac ‘n’ cheese, pizzas and tacos.

10.    Language :

If you spoke to a kid in the 90s in the language of the present times, they’d feel like you’re an alien. If you were like “hey man, wassup?”, “what’s up bro?”, “fml”, “trippin” etc, they would probably outcast you. But today, it’s trending!

Hasn’t the generation gap changed just about everything altogether? Right from the way we speak to how we eat, play and entertain ourselves! If you think that there are any other seminal differences in the kids of the 90s and that of today, drop us a comment below!