If you are a regular visitor on The Fappy Store, we assume you are between 16 and 27 years of age. We chose this slot because people are the most carefree, fabulous and happy in this phase. If our mantra still applies to you, we wouldn’t care about the age. Because Fappy happens at heart, bro!

So whatever you are, a student, college-goer, intern, or a full-fledged working professional (which is very boring, by the way!), we know you need pen drives all the time. Video games, music, movies, assignments, projects, presentations, proposals… you’ve got to carry all of it with you, and the data sticks aren’t that thrilling. They are helpful, for sure – even ‘crucial’ to some– but a small bit dull.

Actually for most of the gadget-obsessed folks, a humble plain pen drive is an absolutely useful thingy. But hey, it doesn’t need to be plain or humble! You can ditch your plain old pen drive for any of the cool options that Fappy has laid out before you, and make data storage and exchange all the more jazzed up!

At Fappy, we believe that your pen drive speaks of who you are, and Fappy makes it all for you!

The ultra-sexy DSLR look-alike pen drive gives an extra edge to your raw personality. There is even a lens-style hub to store the data in, which is quite happening. Also, the classic Tom and Jerry are every bit of adorable and nostalgia-inducing. You can get them both in your pen drives.

And how about little superheroes that got your drooling as kids? Get them on the job of looking after your important documents and files. Not just this, with minion fans going to lengths to express their minion love, there’s something for them too. Yes, a Minion pen drive!

If you are not fond of all these novelty pen drives, and prefer something that doesn’t endorse a brand, how about something more natural? A lemon maybe? Lemonade or Tequila, you can associate well with it. A milk carton expresses your liking? Or just a Heineken beer bottle? Our list goes on, there’s something for everybody.

And what’s more! The pen drives are just a branch of our branding. We have awesome mobile jackets and uber-cool docking speakers with us. Talk about being Fappy!