School- we all wished that it was only about having fun with our pals, indulging in the never-ending gossip sessions and the joyful recess hours. But the reality hits us hard and we have to sit through boring lectures on every day basis.

Take a look at 6 subjects that made us go “urgghhh!”

Mathematics: “Something dies in me when I enter Math class”. Just when we thought English does not have numbers, enters Algebra-

x+y=z (solve for y)

Letters stand for numbers and then we are taught how to calculate the angles of a triangle. Like why on earth would that be helpful to us, ever? To add to the misery we had polynomials, functions and factorials. It got even better if you had a “superb” teacher teaching you.

History: “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” Looks like our teachers took that very seriously and hence the torturous sessions of history. The endless number of dates that one is supposed to remember, one should be a superhuman to do that.

Physical Education: Even after constant reminders and rants about how important is it to exercise, this was one class when everyone suddenly suffered from various kinds of fevers, flus and ailments. Those who did not wish to play but only chit-chat with their friends chose to flee to the washroom.

Chemistry: Talk about building a chemistry between the hottest girl in class and we’ll sure to ace it. But chemistry as a subject? Avoid it like the plague! It was all about chemical reactions, bonds, engineering mechanics and what not! Just like that wasn’t enough, we had periodic tables, balancing equations, atomic numbers and symbols to make lives of students even more difficult!

Value Education: Like seriously, there was one hour dedicated to this subject? For many of us this might have been like a free period. Even if one actually listened to the teacher, who applied this in real life?

English: The inanity of having a hundred and one pronunciations for the same word is simply irritating. Then you have the “creative writing” classes when you are expected to dole out all your imagination on the paper. Personification takes you a level further by stating inanimate objects as animate ones. Literature comes with its own challenges of understanding poetry and prose. Reading and comprehending this language in itself is a big task!

So which subject gave you nightmares at school? Tell us in the comments section below!