When it comes to non-sense songs, Yo Yo Honey Singh is the uncrowned king of Bollywood. No matter what the story of the movie is about, add a Honey Singh number to it and voila! Enough to get people to the theatres. Without a doubt it’s the charm of the peppy beats that do the trick but the lyrics are something you can’t always love.

A general overview of Mr. Yo Yo’s list of songs would tell you three things the singer never forgets to add in the lyrics of his songs. Women, party, booze. Party, women, booze. Booze, party women. So here we have a list of 7 worst Honey Singh lyrics that would make you go wtf!

Chaar Botal Vodka: We believe that downing chaar bottles of vodka would be on priority in Honey Singh’s to-do list. Then there’s a lot of diligence when it comes to checking out women, “Sooji sooji aankhein meri, fir bhi dekho ladkiyon ko kaise ye nihaare.”


Sunny Sunny: At school, Mr. Singh was taught that water is blue but we beg to differ because our science teachers told us that water is colourless! So the mantra behind the success of this chart was, “repeat Sunny Sunny after every 2 lines”. Annoying, we must say.

Break up Party: Apart from starting the trend of throwing a bash on a breakup, the lyrics of this song highly objectifies women in the basest ways possible.

Lungi Dance: Apart from the weird south-Indian accent that Yo-Yo pulls off, the lyrics are too much to bear. A failed attempt at bridging the gap between the north and south, this tribute to Thalaiva is certainly a no-no for us!

Aata Samajh Satak Li: Did Honey Singh foresee the reaction the reaction of the people after listening to this song? It’s plain irritating with lyrics which go like “Fight, fight, like Bruce Lee”, “Dimag se Hyper”and not to forget the kid screaming out “Mala raag yetoy”

Party All Night: The singer is so bent on partying all night that nothing can stop him from doing so. And if someone wishes to, then Yo Yo challenges him saying “Ga*@#d mein dum hai to band kar walo!” We again get to hear the singer’s fixation with women clad in scanty clothes and vodka shots.

Manali Trance: If there’s the fourth thing on Yo Yo’s mind, its drugs! This song talks extensively about smoking up, women, snuffing and what not!

Which other song of Honey Singh has the worst lyrics? Tell us in the comments section below!