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How do I make a purchase at The Fappy Store?

We have made you total experience at The Fappy Store, easy:

  • It’s simple, fast and convenient. Browse through our categories in the main menu on the Home Page or search within the search bar to find the product or brand you are looking for.
  • Once you have found an item, click on the “Add to Cart’” button on the product page.
  • You can go through the product’s description/specifications when you take a look at the product page with variants and details about your selection. Browse and read about the product before you move the product to “My Cart”.
  • Review the items in your cart by clicking the “My Cart” link at the top right corner of the page.
  • In order to use a promotion code or a discount coupon enter it into “Promo Code/Discount Coupon” and click “Apply”. The total amount to be paid will be updated on clicking the same.
  • Click “Proceed to Checkout”.
  • Your order summary will appear for your review.
  • Fill up the essential shipping information in the next step.
  • Select the “Mode of Payment” button to pay the amount for the order with options from CC Avenue or by Cash on Delivery. Select the option preferred and proceed to the next step.
  • Review your order before clicking “Place Order”.
  • Check your email for an order confirmation.

What and where is my order confirmation number?

The order confirmation number begins with ‘AP’ and can be retrieved via:
  • Order placement confirmation email.
  • On viewing the “Order Status” under “My Account” on The Fappy Store.

Is it possible to buy products directly from your warehouse?

Unfortunately we don’t offer such services at this point of stage of our operations.

Is it possible to make amendments to my order after it has been confirmed and paid for?

Since your order will be processed immediately, you will not be able to make any amendments to your placed order once the payment is confirmed. For urgent inquiries, please leave a mail at our email address: and we will help you out.

Is there a way to cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel your order if it has not been shipped. In order to check the status of your order, log in to “My Account” and click on “Order Status”. It’s essential that you send an email to our customer service team at requesting them to cancel the order if it hasn’t been shipped as yet.

Can I order products via phone?

Yes it’s possible to obtain information on products on our phone numbers but the order can only be made online by the account creation process. You can call us at 011-65658499, 91-9810041803, 91-9999447978 or email us at

What to do if a few products are out of stock in my shopping cart?

It’s easy to remove products from the shopping list by pressing the ‘Remove’ button located on the right hand side of the product. Simply remove the product which is out of stock without affecting your entire list.

I am facing problems ordering through my mobile device. works perfectly on most mobile devices and browsers. In case you are facing a problem ordering through your smart phone try restarting the browser and clearing the cache before logging on to If you still face some problems please wait for a while since sometimes the traffic is too much which is likely to result in errors. You can also contact us at and let us know about the problem.


Is it safe and secure to shop at The Fappy Store?

Yes buying products from The Fappy Store is extremely safe. Your data is kept 100% secure and private amid the entire checkout process. We work with CC Avenue which is a Norton certified software so that your personal details don’t leak out to any third party during the payment procedure.

Is payment via cash-on-delivery safe?

Paying via cash-on-delivery is a safe process since we collaborate well with our delivery partners to ensure the item(s) safe delivery. You are only requested to sign an invoice copy of the delivered item, which remains as a proof of your purchase with us.

What kind of payment methods can I use when shopping at The Fappy Store?

There are primarily two methods of paying for the items checked out, i.e., either you opt for cash-on-delivery option or pay through CC Avenue procedure which involves online banking.

How long does it take to confirm my order?

Requests for orders are affirmed once the payments have been handled. Most payments are handled quickly. You will get an affirmation email along with delivery details for your placed order once the order is confirmed.

Will I be officially notified or receive a confirmation email for my placed order?

Yes, you will receive a confirmation email from our side along with the delivery details shortly after your payment has been processed.

What to do if my credit card payment does not go through?

You can try paying again for your order on the payment page. The best part is that the payment is only made once you receive a confirmation email of your order from our side. If you believe that your credit card may have been charged more than once, please email us your order number at with the payment affirmation that you received from your bank.

In which payment process, am I able to avail discount code facility?

If you possess a discount code, then you can add the code into the “Discount code” box that is present on the first screen (Shopping Cart) of the checkout process.

Can I use multiple coupons on one order?

No, it’s not possible to use more than one discount coupon on a single product.

I used discount code but it’s not accepted. What can be reason?

It’s essential that you check that your discount code isn’t expired, whether it can be used for the purchased item or not (coupons are for particular items and products). It’s also necessary, that you check, if the discount coupon code can be used with the credit card you are using or not.


At which locations does The Fappy Store deliver its products?

As of now, we deliver in almost any locality of India. We are planning to further our services and extend our operations to the international market.

What’s the Shipping Cost for the products delivered?

There is no shipping cost charged to the customer, if the order(s) amount to more than Rs.450.

Do you ship to PO BOX?

It’s essential that you mention your full residential address or official address so as to successfully get your product delivered. We don’t deliver items to any post offices.

How long does shipping take?

It takes around 2-4 business days usually for a product to be delivered to your address. There are situations when sometimes the weather is bad, there are too many requests on our end due to sales season or national holidays which may impede our shipping process.

How do I track my order?

When you log in to your account, there’s an option to ‘Track Your Order’. Click on that option and track the shipment of your items by providing the airway bill number.

Can I request a specific delivery time?

No, unfortunately this service isn’t available at our company right now. Your delivery will be made conventionally within 2-4 business days. There isn’t an option to either speed up or delay the delivery time.

Will you contact me prior to delivery?

Yes, you will be intimidated via phone call or email before our delivery man departs for your home.

Is it possible to collect my order directly from The Fappy Store?

No this facility is not available at this point of time. However when we extend our operations, we will try to provide this facility of directly picking up item(s) from our warehouse.

How do you ensure products that products don’t undergo any damage during the delivery process?

Before products are dispatched to your residential address the products are well inspected at our warehouse for any physical damage. We make it a point to ensure that the products that we receive at our warehouse are brand new and in excellent condition. If you ever receive a damaged product, you can report to us at

What should I do if my order is not delivered in 2-4 business days?

Please contact us at to get information regarding your order

Will I get charged for a re-delivery?

No, we don’t charge anything for a re-delivery. Considering the fact that sometimes it’s possible that an individual may not be present at home due to some urgent reasons, we have made the facility of getting a product re-delivered at their convenience. You may decide the next drop date for the delivery without incurring any extra charges.

What to do if I receive a wrong product or there’s something faulty with my product?

It’s essential that you drop us an email at so that your complaint can be looked into at the earliest.


What is the return and exchange policy?

We return and exchange products that have been bought within a timeframe of 15 days or less. It’s essential that you return the product as you received from our company. There are certain goods that cannot be returned at our store. For more information on returns and exchange of products, please refer to this link:

How do I return an item?

If you wish to return an item, please leave us a mail at so that we can get back to you at the earliest

Can I get a full refund instead of an exchange of a new product?

Full refund for a product is only provided for certain cases. For more information on returns and refunds kindly refer to this link:


Will my bio-data be shared with third party companies?

We completely assure you that your personal information isn’t shared with any third party company when you buy a product from The Fappy Store. We make use of CC Avenue certified by Norton, which is considered the safest way of making a payment in this digital age.

I am having problems logging into my account. What to do?

If you encounter problems while logging in to your account make sure that you are inserting the right username and password. If you can’t remember your password to the account, click on the ‘Forgot the password’ option. You will then have to enter the email address you registered with, in order to receive an email that will let you change your password. On receiving the email you can reset your password and form a newer one. In case you enter a wrong password three times, your account will not be accessible for around 30 minutes. If you face problems even after resetting your password, feel free to contact us regarding your problem at:


I am receiving unwanted offers and emails in my inbox. What to do?

In order to unsubscribe to our newsletter and offers, click on the ‘Unsubscribe’ option on our website or within the newsletters received.

Are your products authentic?

We work with brands that exhibit high quality and authorized distributors who ensure 100% genuine quality of products.

Is there a possibility to notify me when an ’Out of Stock’ product is back in stock?

There’s an option of ‘NOTIFY ME’ on each product page which is shown when a particular product is out of stock. On clicking that, you will automatically receive a notification via email which will be sent once the product is available for purchase.

Can I request or suggest a product or brand?

Yes, we are very much open to receiving suggestions and ideas that will enhance our popularity and our reputation amongst our customers. You may suggest new and trustable brands that deliver high quality products on our email:

Do you offer product samples?

It’s a surprise offering from our end.

Do you offer gift vouchers?

Yes gift vouchers are available at our store under the gift cards section.

Is it possible to obtain some information on a product before I really go for buying it?

Yes, feel free to ask our executives via call or email, any question that may arise in your mind before opting for a product. We are here to assist you in your purchase. Leave your query at: for enquiring about anything related to our products.